Welcome to Niersala


So, today you will join me on an epic adventure which I started nearly thirty-five years ago. I will take you on a tour of my world, the planet Niersala, a place of magic and mystery, adventure and suspense, science and wonder. Come along as we explore the two main continents of Nieropa and Salzaria as well as the island kingdom of Midlia.

Nieropa is the northern continent and home of the Eternal Coven, a group of god-like magic wielders who rule the place from the background, with kindness and generosity to those who help others and vengeance and wrath against those who would try to destroy the world or use it for their own selfish and evil purposes. The continent is divided into several areas. Sudlia is in the south, governed by good King Filip Darson, son of Phillip Darson, a pilot from Earth, and the Blue Enchantress. The islands of Tiplia are ruled by the Matriarch herself, goddess-creator of most of the people of Niersala, in the guise of the Blue Enchantress. Cromynia is on the west coast just north of Sudlia, ruled by Red Cromyn (or Kormain in the dwarven Darvini language) and his daughter Scarlotta, wife of King Filip Darson and mother of Adam Midlan. To the far north, bordering the lands of the Ice Dragon, is Shivek Nage, ruled by the mysterious and often misunderstood Technarch, leader of an army of cyborgs built using gnomish technology. The eastern area where many of my stories take place, the Lands of the Inner Seas (or simply Lois) are protected by Zorkamius and his allies. And in the center of the continent lies the Eternal Desert, a barren wasteland of sand and rock into which few ever venture.

The southern continent of Salzaria is named for the renowned hero of ancient Niersalan myth Salazar the Great Traveler. It’s lands include the mountainous Darvinla, the great plains of the Central Kingdoms, the Forests of Melizaria, the islands of the elfish Liroseni, and the Frozen Swamps. Connected by a small land bridge to the east are the Dragon Lands, also known as Dracolia; and beyond that is the mysterious Asia-like oriental land of Mie Lung.

Between Nieropa and Salzaria lies the equatorial island kingdom of Midlia, home of Adam Midlan, the greatest hero the planet has yet to know.

News from the Mad Prophet

Okay. First of all, understand that by the world’s standards I am completely insane; so, take what I am about to tell you with a grain of salt or a mustard seed of faith, whichever you prefer.

Early this morning, during my Prayer Walk with Jesus, God revealed something to me, something which I was informed about way back in 1987 but was unable to reveal to the world until today. The great gods of ancient times are returning to judge mankind. The battle of Armageddon will soon take place in Israel. I believe this is why Donald John Trump established the U.S. Space Force shortly after becoming president, out of fear of an extraterrestrial invasion. Unfortunately, Earth is not yet ready to join the interstellar community, and the actions of our 45th president prove it.

Because of how this nation has handled the recent global crisis which is currently upon us, the United States of America will be humbled in the eyes of the world, possibly utterly destroyed; therefore, we will not be able to save Israel when the time comes. I have been reassured, however, that a remnant of this great nation will survive our punishment. Our constitutional government might be destroyed, but the nation, its people and ideals will continue. The Spirit of America will survive.

We must not allow greed, selfishness, hubris (overbearing pride), jealousy or covetousness to become our ideals. We must turn to God and relearn the Law of Love if we are to survive. We must renew our faith and put on the full armor of God. The spiritual War of Heaven is coming to Earth once again, to the real and material world we inhabit. We must be prepared.

Rise up, America. It is time to move on to the next level.

Until it is time to do my part, I am taking a break, resting and preparing for the return of our Lord. If anyone needs me, I’ll be in Niersala with the Matriarch and her friends.

your friend,

Robert B. Poe

A Story About Heaven

First of all, I want to apologize. The following is not a story about Niersala, Jack Jones, or Adam Midlan. I will return to those soon. What I have written is a parable, a story I once heard about Heaven upon which I have expanded. It may seem a bit religious, and I do not wish to offend anyone; so, if you are not of a spiritual nature, please do not read this or take it the wrong way if you do. Thanks to all those who do read it. It is my gift to you for the season. May God/dess and all the righteous Spirits of Heaven and Earth bless you all.

The Gates of Heaven were opened, and the people inside the City were cheering, laughing, singing, and dancing on the Streets of Gold as the Servant of the Lord entered. Everyone was having a grand time as He approached the Throne.

The Servant bowed before the Lord, who asked, “Where have You been this time, My Son?”  (But He already knew the answer.)

“I have been walking throughout the Kingdom, visiting and comforting Your people.”

“And what did You find?”

“Well, Lord,” He replied.  “It is strange.  A little village lies just outside the gates.  In it dwell many good and righteous people who claim to be following Your laws.  When I heard the joyous celebration occurring here, I asked them to enter through the Gates with Me, but they refused.”

“Did they give You a reason?”

“They said they were waiting for the Lord to come and get them, to lead them to a land of peace and prosperity.”

“Did You tell them about the grand celebration We are having here?”

“Yes, but they still refused to come.  They said such behavior as they had heard about occurring within the City could only be a device of the Evil One to tempt them into disobeying their Lord.”

“And did You tell them who You are and that I, their Lord, had sent You?”

“Yes, but they still refused.”

“So, what did You do?”

“I did all that I could to help them.”

“And they still refused to come?”

“Yes, Lord.”  The Servant sat at the foot of the Throne for a moment pondering what He had seen, done, and heard in the little village.  “My Lord,” He asked after a while, “who are these people who refuse to join in the celebration?”

The Lord smiled, and with a tear in His eye, He explained.  “They are the special ones.  They try to follow the letter of the Law but have forgotten the Spirit.  They condemn and sit in judgement against any who do not do or think as they do.  They will never know the Joy and Freedom of Heaven because their hearts are filled with guilt and fear instead of My true Love.  Their minds are full of jealous and judgmental thoughts.  I have sent many servants to tell them to come into My City, even into the Palace to sit at My Table, but they continue to feel both unworthy and self-righteous, awaiting My personal invitation.”

“So, what will you do, Lord?” the Servant asked.  “Will You not go and invite them to the celebration?”

“I will go, My Son, but not to invite them into My House again.  I will let them know who their true lord is.  I will tell them that they worship themselves and not Me, that they have condemned themselves by following their own laws and not My Commandments.  I will give them one more chance to enter the Gates of Heaven, and any who will follow Me may come.  Those who still refuse, however, for whatever reason, will be left outside.

“A terrible storm is coming, and We must shut the Gates against it.  None will be able to enter or leave.  Those who are within the City will be saved.  Many within will not even be aware of the storm.  Those outside will perish, but not before suffering terribly.”

Now is the time for the Children of God to enter the Gates of Heaven.  Winter is here.  The storm is coming.  Find peace and shelter with Him.

Adam Midlan: Part 47 (NaNoWriMo 2020, Day 1)

                “I want you to have it,” Phillip Darson said to Adam as Jaxon admired the scout ship.

                “To me?” Adam asked.  “What am I going to do with a colonial spaceship from Earth?”

                “Travel, I hope,” Phillip laughed.

                “Yes,” Zorkamius replied sternly, stepping toward the craft and placing a hand on it.  “This vehicle should do you well during the oncoming journey.”

                “Oncoming journey?” Adam asked the tall wizard.  “What are you talking about?”

                “We need to go to the Eternal City, and you need to prepare for the Ice Dragon,” Phillip told his grandson.  “To this end, I am giving you the ship.”

                “Why can’t we just wizard walk?” Adam asked.

                “Because your companions cannot teleport,” Phillip answered.

                “Yes,” Zorkamius agreed.  “They do not possess the same magical talents you do.”

                “Companions?” Adam said.

                “Of course,” Phillip replied with a grin.  “Jaxon and Priscilla will accompany you to the Eternal City.”

                “What?” Jaxon said, turning away from the flying vehicle.

                “I think what Lord Darson is saying,” Paul Jones replied, walking around Phillip to get a better look at the spacecraft and his grandson, “is that you and Adam are to go to the Eternal City in this amazing machine.”

                “Wow!” Jaxon said wide-eyed.  He stared at the vehicle for a moment.  “Can I fly it?” he asked, turning to Phillip.

                “Of course,” Phillip laughed.  “The controls are fairly simple.  We will begin your flight training tomorrow if that’s okay with your grandfather.” He turned and raised a questioning eyebrow at the elder businessman.

                Paul nodded to indicate his permission.

                “Good,” Zorkamius said, returning to stand beside Phillip.  “That will give Priscilla enough time to recover from her surgery and treatment by the Technarch’s physicians.”

                “Yes,” Phillip nodded and clapped his hands.  “It’s settled then.  Adam, you and Jaxon will take the scout ship to the Eternal City accompanied by the maiden Priscilla.  There we will continue your training and preparation for the Ice Dragon.”

                “Yes, sir,” Adam replied, bowing his head.  A thousand questions rolled around in his head, but no answers were forthcoming.

                “Come along then,” Phillip said, putting a reassuring arm around his red-haired grandson.  “It is getting late.  I am sure the Joneses want to get back to the inn and get some rest.  I feel your grandmothers are getting anxious for us to return.”

                Lord Phillip Darson, with his arm around Adam Midlan, led Zorkamius and Jaxon and Paul Jones back through the castle to the sitting room where the Blue Enchantress and Mathilda Jones waited, having finished both their tea and conversation.

Jack Jones Now Available in Paperback

Hi, folks.

I apologize for taking so long to post. Things have been hectic here in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. I am back doing sterile processing at the Richard L. Roudebush VAMC after spending six months screening employees, patients and visitors for COVID-19. Hopefully, we can get back to some sort of normal soon, but I am afraid that with the presidential election coming soon and the relaxing of precautions to prevent the spread of the virus here in the United States, things are only going to get worse before they get better.

Anyway, I have some great news: The Adventures of Jack Jones will soon be available in paperback on Amazon. The paperback edition features unique and original cover artwork (shown above) done by my son Kamron Peebles. Also, I have reduced the price of the e-book to only $2.99, although it is still free to anyone who subscribes to Kindle Unlimited. So, get a copy. I am sure you will enjoy it.

In other news, I am still working on the story of Adam Midlan and hope to finish the second book/part during NaNoWriMo in November; so, be looking for a lot more posts from me that month.

Keep reading and writing.

Robert Poe

Adam Midlan: Part 46

                “Hey,” Phillip Darson said as he stuffed a forkful of boiled greens into his mouth.  “I have something to show you two after dinner,” he continued, pointing his empty fork at Adam and Jaxon.

                “What is it?” Jaxon asked excitedly.

                “Something you don’t see here on Niersala very often,” Phillip smiled.

                “What?” Adam asked his grandfather with a sideways look and raised eyebrow as his suspicion and curiosity was peaked.

                “You’ll see,” Phillip answered with a mischievous grin as he got another forkful of greens from his plate.

                After dinner was finished, Phillip led Adam and Jaxon to a remote part of the castle, followed closely by Zorkamius and Mister Paul Jones.  Meanwhile, Missus Jones and the Blue Enchantress retired to the sitting room for tea and conversation as servants cleared the table.

                After passing through several different hallways and going down several flights of stairs, the boys arrived at a set of large, metallic gray double doors.  Phillip pulled some keys out of his pocket and unlocked them.  “Here it is,” he announced with a flourish as he opened the doors, waving the boys through them.

                Adam and Jaxon entered a huge, spacious room.  Sitting in the middle of the room was the most amazing vehicle Adam had ever seen, unlike anything else he had known in his life.  It was roughly triangular and sat on three small wheels which looked too small to hold up the enormous weight of the craft.  The body was roughly shaped like a fish.  It had two protuberances which Adam could only describe as oddly bird-like wings.

                “Wow!  What is that?” Jaxon said, staring wide-eyed at the vehicle.

                “That, my young friend,” Phillip answered with a smile, “is the only colonial scout ship left from the USS Sydney, my own personal vehicle.”

Adam Midlan Part 45: The Cross

(Author’s note: I know it has been almost a month since I posted and skipped Part 44. I am having trouble with that part, trying to figure out how to get from the dock to dinner at the castle in a realistic way. This is the scene I have been agonizing over for the past several weeks. Is it necessary? Should it be included in the story? Does the cross play a greater role in the tale than just being a good luck charm for one of the characters? Who should get it: Adam, Jaxon, or Priscilla? Let me know what you think.)

The Cross at Dinner

                As they ate, Adam noticed Jaxon’s grandmother was wearing a golden cross on a delicate, golden chain around her neck.  “What is that?” he asked.

                “Oh, this?” she replied, pulling the cross out of her bosom.  “It’s just an old family heirloom.  It was given to me by my grandmother before we left Earth.  It’s sort of my lucky charm,” she smiled.

                “It looks almost like part of a Coven medallion,” Adam commented.  “Is it some sort of religious symbol?”

                “Well,” she hesitated, looking down at the cross, “I suppose you could say that.  It represents an old Earth religion called Christianity.  It has nothing to do with the Coven, I don’t think.”  She looked up at her husband and Phillip Darson for support.

                “Go ahead,” Phillip encouraged her as he took another bite of food.  “Tell us about it.”

                “Well,” she began, “as the story goes, God the Father, the one they refer to as Omne here on Niersala, had a Son born of a virgin.”

                “Actually,” the Enchantress corrected her, “it was the Patriarch, twin brother of the Matriarch.  Sorry for the interruption,” she said, noticing the looks of those at the table.  “Go ahead, Ms. Jones.”

                “Yes.  Well, anyway,” Jaxon’s grandmother continued, clearing her throat, “God had a Son born of the Virgin Mary who grew up in a little country called Israel.  When he was about thirty Earth years old, He began preaching and teaching to the people about love and forgiveness.  The leaders of the land did not like what He was saying, so they punished Him, accused Him of trying to start a revolution against the government, and had Him hung on a wooden cross, like this one.”  She pulled the necklace off of her neck and handed it to Adam so he could get a better look at it.  “They took Him off of the cross and buried Him in a tomb.  Three days later, some of His followers went to perform some sort of ritual on the body and discovered the tomb was empty.  An angel told them He was alive and risen from the grave.  Supposedly, He spent about fifty more days teaching and preaching and preparing His followers for His departure before ascending into Heaven to be with God, sending the Holy Spirit to take His place.”

                “Really?” Adam said in awe, handing the necklace back to Jaxon’s grandmother.

                “Well, that’s how the story goes,” she said, putting the cross back around her neck.  “At least, that’s how I heard it as a little girl.”

                “Wow,” Jaxon said, admiring the cross around his grandmother’s neck.

                “So, what was this guy’s name?” Adam inquired, taking a forkful of food from his plate, and stuffing it into his mouth.

                “Well,” she replied, “in English, they called Him Jesus, but His name in Hebrew is Yeshua.”

                “Oh,” Adam responded after swallowing his food.

                A strange, almost reverent quiet descended on the table.  Phillip Darson, the Enchantress, and Jaxon’s grandparents all bowed their heads for a moment.  After a long minum, during which Adam and Jaxon stared at each other with widening eyes, their grandparents lifted their heads and began eating again.

Author’s Notes and Update

First of all, I want to apologize for not being as active working on Niersala as I have been in the past. With the COVID-19 pandemic and the race riots we have been having here in the United States, a lot has distracted me from my writing. I have not been idle, though. I have been working on several other projects, including a Dungeons and Dragons campaign for my children.

A couple of scenes are coming which will add depth to the characters of “Adam Midlan” and the world of Niersala as well as some exciting adventure for the story, which in my opinion has been slow and a bit cumbersome so far. I have been having difficulty writing these scenes and have been putting them off for a while until I can get them clear in my head before writing them. I want to put out a quality product and an enjoyable read; so, I am taking my time with them.

Also, I have been trying to figure out what to do next for The Adventures of Jack Jones. I need a good cover for the paperback edition but have not been able to find the right artist. Marketing and publicity has been difficult during these troubled times. I hope you will check it out on Kindle for now.

Anyway, bear with me as I continue to work on “Adam Midlan” and the world of Niersala. I promise something good is coming soon. In the meantime, keep reading, and keep writing.

Robert Poe

Adam Midlan: Part Forty-three

                The two men stood side-by-side on the pier as the ship came into port.  It took a while for the elegant craft to come alongside and the ropes to be secured to both the ship and the dock.  Once they were, however, Jaxon went running down the gangplank to greet his grandfather.

                “Granddad!” he called.  “You’ll never guess who I met.”

                “A boy named Adam?” Paul Jones asked.

                “Yes,” Jaxon said, a little taken aback.  “How did you know?  Never mind.  Guess who else.”

                “I have no idea,” Paul replied with a laugh.

                “Zorkamius!” Jaxon exclaimed.

                Adam and Zorkamius came down the gangplank behind Jaxon with Priscilla following them.

                “Hello, Phillip,” the wizard greeted the man in white.

                “Hello, Zork,” the man returned the greeting as Paul Jones realized who it was that had kept him company on the pier.  “This must be Adam,” Phillip Darson said.

                “Yes, sir,” Adam replied, putting out his hand.

                Phillip Darson took Adam’s hand and pulled him into himself as he embraced the boy.  “Oh, it has been too long,” Phillip said as he held Adam out at arms’ length.  “Let me get a good look at you.  Welcome to Sudlia.  Did you have a safe journey?”

                “As safe as can be expected,” the disgruntled captain said as he came off the gangplank with Priscilla onto the pier, “what with him and that storm giant playing with the weather most of the way here.”

Magic in Niersala

If you have been reading about Niersala lately, you should be aware that most magic in Niersala involves the four magical elements of ground, air, water and fire.  These elements are governed by the Eternal Elemental Coven:  Zorkamius rules the ground, Phillip Darson rules the air, the Blue Enchantress controls the water, and Red Cromyn has dominion over the fiery things of Niersala.  In the Adventures of Jack Jones (available for free on Kindle Unlimited), I tried to explain some of the aspects of these elements and their governing avatars, but other types of magic also exist in Niersala.

The most profound and enigmatic magic in Niersala is that of life and death, or undeath as the case may be.  The magic of life once practiced by the Lirosen elves of Niersala has been used and perverted by Gregory Darek, the Dark Lord, to create and sustain his monstrous perversions on the continent of Nieropa.  On the other side of the planet, on the subcontinent of Vinlandia, Nick the Necromancer and his cohorts have learned how to bring people and animals back to life in a state of hypnotized servitude, thus creating zombies, ghouls, and other undead horrors.

A seventh type of magic, which I touched upon in the Adventures of Jack Jones, is the magic of technology and the forces which control it, represented by the Technarch Tomas K. Valens.  This magic is mainly concentrated in the west and north of Nieropa, in the lands of Sudlia and Shivek Nage.  It is relatively new to the world of Niersala, having arrived with the colonists from Earth just a few short generations ago.  It has already had a profound affect on those lands, providing machines previously unknown in Niersala, including portable communication devices and various transportation vehicles.  Several clans of the Darvini have found they have a natural talent for utilizing such magic and have invented many wondrous works which incorporate what they have learned from the Umeni.

Jack Jones Available on Kindle

Alright folks. Editing is done, and after a little polishing, the complete Adventures of Jack Jones is now available on Kindle, free on Kindle Unlimited. I am taking a little break from Adam Midlan this week to work on promoting Jack Jones, but be ready for some exciting stuff coming soon. Adam reunites with his family of the Eternal Elemental Coven in Sudlia and embarks on a journey to Shivek Nage where he will finally face the Ice Dragon alongside his friends Jaxon Jones and Priscilla. Many adventures will be had, perils faced, and discoveries made. So, be ready.